IP-Projects - Vision

In an ever-changing Internet market, we see our role as an Internet service provider in creating flexible produkte that are tailored to our customers' needs. It is important to us that you incur no incalculable or hidden costs as a customer. Clear price structures and comprehensive offers are just as important to us as professional, fast and uncomplicated Customer Support . In order to live up to our own claim, we rely on you for the latest technical structures , which we are constantly improving and updating to you at all times to offer the best possible hardware and software solutions.



When I was looking for a new provider for a dedicated server 3 years ago after very bad experiences with a large provider, I became aware of IP-Projects. An attractive offer finally made me to a customer of Mr. Schinzel.

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We chose IP Projects because of the much better support, especially in Java / JSP hosting issues, but also in general concerns compared to other providers. Likewise, the unrivaled price plays a role. What also pleased us are the fast setup times for new servers, which are sometimes only in seconds, because they are set up fully automatically for certain purposes. You order a new server and can use it immediately, even before any payment has been made,...

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Web hosting providers abound. However, finding the right provider for one's own needs is difficult:
The large mass hosters are characterized by rigid offers and lack of customer focus, while smaller ones often offer only a subset of the required skills at elevated prices.

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The company Adbyte has been operating online - specialinterest portals for over 6 years (eg the 'Best of Logistics' portal ). For this we were looking for a service provider who not only advises us in choosing the right hardware, but also takes over the maintenance and care of the server.

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astendo GmbH

The demand for intelligent and user-friendly IT solutions is constantly growing - at the same time, the offer for the end user is becoming increasingly unclear. For years we have stood for unchanging, reliable quality in this microcosm of constant change: on the technological level, optimal system solutions mean an uncompromisingly high level of service on a human level.

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Looking for an individual root server solution for a demanding project we came across the company 3 years ago. Within a very short time, we were able to tap into the general conditions and installation requirements with Mr. Schinzel and had a high-performance hardware - tailor-made for our needs - at a good price.

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Signum GmbH

We as Signum Society for Applied Computer Science mbH specialize in merchandise management systems in retail and gastronomy, so we depend on a reliable Internet service provider.

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For several years now, we have been recommending servers at IP-Projects to our customers for extensive projects. The setup and collaboration has always run smoothly so far, and emails to support are responded to quickly..

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titus GmbH

We have been hosting our Shopware 5 system on IP-Projects servers since 2018. Various test systems were also set up and the hardware was expanded, optimized and restructured several times.

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Expand success through good cooperation

We do not see ourselves as a pure service provider, who processes customer orders only statically according to certain processes, but as a partner who always tries to fulfill your wishes and requirements. Together with you we want to work out solutions that are tailored to your needs. We provide these solutions with the help of our extensive service portfolio. Benefit from our know-how in the operation of complex server landscapes and server architectures. Join us in Contact and let us guide you through our Employees advise.

Green IT

Environmental Protection - Green IT

With our forward-looking strategy, we want to protect the environment and save resources. Thus, all server systems are continuously checked for their efficiency and, if necessary, exchanged for more energy-efficient technology. In addition, in the datacenters we only use eco-electricity and the latest generation of climate technologies, which makes us more than 80% more energy efficient than ours other providers. This not only protects the environment but also reduces the costs of operating our server systems.

Flexibilität und Individualität

Flexibility and individuality

Every company has different requirements for your server systems and system landscapes. Whether software, website, application or internal organization. We aim to find the best hardware and software solution for you and to adapt it continuously to your needs. We will work with you to find an individual solution or help you choose the right product. Both in the planning and in the implementation of the right IT landscapes for you, our specialists are available.

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Transparency against customers

We do not hide behind glossy images of server systems that exist at best in high-performance datacenters. At regular intervals, we inform our customers about new technologies, our development or goals that we have set for the coming and past years. This creates additional confidence in our customers and gives our clients direct and honest insight into the organization of our company.